LEAD:  Leading Edge Associate Directory

A directory of women and gender-minority postdocs and early Assistant Professors

Assistant Professors (and equivalent)

Naima Sharaf 
Structure and function of the Neisserial Meningitidis ABC methionine transporter system
Incoming Assistant Professor, Stanford

Megan Martik
Gene regulatory control of neural crest development and regeneration
Incoming Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

Ruth Franklin

Homeostatic functions of macrophages in health and disease
Assistant Professor, Harvard University and Harvard Medical School

Maureen Cetera

Coordinating cell polarity during morphogenesis
Incoming Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Melody Campbell
Integrin structure and function

Incoming Assistant Professor, Fred Hutch

Danfeng Cai
Chromatin organization and transcription regulation
Incoming Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


Sarah Ackerman
Neuron-glia dynamics in circuit development, refinement, and behavior

U. Oregon

Minoo Bagheri
Metabolomics and beyond
Vanderbilt University

Somaye Badieyan
Mechanism and structural biology of microtubule motor proteins viral hijacking
U. Michigan

Lise Barbe
High-throughput identification of disease pathways in neurodegenerative diseases 

Gladstone Institutes, UCSF

N. Sumru Bayin
Neural stem cell diversity and age-dependent regenerative processes in the brain

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Gaby Baylon
Interaction between the mechanical and biological environments of osteocytes


Elena Blanco-Suarez
Neuron-astrocyte interplay in recovery from ischemic stroke

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Cecilia Blengini
Chromosome segregation during female meiosis in mammals

Rutgers University

Heike Blockus
Linking synaptic specificity to neuronal circuit function

Columbia University

Liz Boydston
Specialized organelles for host-parasite interactions
Whitehead Institute

Dorian Rosen
Modulating cellular stress responses to improve outcomes in neurological disorders
The Scripps Research Institute

Megha Rajendran
Mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's disease.

Lauren Rajakovich
Human gut microbial metabolism
Harvard University

Sandhya Prabhakaran
Machine learning and mechanistic modeling to understand tumor-Immune microenvironment
Moffitt Cancer Centre

Sarah J. Pfau
The molecular and cellular basis of blood-brain barrier heterogeneity
Harvard Medical School

Siobhan Pattwell
The brain's capacity for change in normal ontogeny and neuropathological conditions
Fred Hutch

Marlies Oostland
Cerebellar circuits involved in cognition

Princeton University and Humboldt University Berlin

Molly OhAinle
Cellular blocks to HIV infection
Fred Hutch

Cameron Ogg
Neural circuits underlying behavioral flexibility
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Cara Moravec
The role of maternally expressed genes in zebrafish
U. Wisconsin-Madison

E. Anne Martin
Identifying the molecular mechanisms of synapse formation coordination in zebrafish

U. Oregon

Ashley A. Martin
Striated muscle structure-function in physiological and disease states

U. Minnesota

Yulu Cherry Liu
Glypicans in cell signaling 

Harvard Medical School

Yamhilette Licon Munoz

Deciphering the tumorigenic roles of breast pericytes

U. New Mexico

Abigail Leavitt LaBella
Revealing evolutionary forces from codons to complex diseases

Vanderbilt University

Elizabeth Lawrence
Investigating microtubule dynamic instability in vitro

Vanderbilt University

Jennifer Landino
Epithelial cytokinesis in Xenopus
U. Michigan

Lindsay LaFave
Chromatin state in lung adenocarcinoma

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aga Kendrick
Regulation of microtubule-based cellular transport

Jennifer Kan
Design and engineer de novo protein functions


Victoria Hung
Ribosome heterogeneity in gene regulation and cell fate

Stanford University

Carey Y. L. Huh
Neural circuits in sensory perception, learning and plasticity
UC Irvine

Erin Hisey
Neural circuits underlying learning and forgetting

Duke University

Zoe Hilbert
New modalities in host-microbe evolutionary conflicts
U. Utah

Chelcie Heaney
Comorbidity of major depressive disorder and alcohol use disorder

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Elizabeth Haynes
Imaging neural development across whole-embryo and single cell scales

U. Wisconsin-Madison

Miyoshi Haruta
Cell growth regulation by peptide factor and kinase in plants

U. Wisconsin-Madison

Farah Haque
Microtubule-based regulatory mechanisms underlying signaling

Massachusetts General Hospital

Liangliang Hao
Engineering precision diagnostics for cancer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mae Guthman
Plasticity of hormone-sensitive neural circuits

Princeton University

Jessica Gray
Single cell insights into evolution and development

Harvard Medical School

Aleena Garner
Neural circuits in memory-sensory interplay

Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

Jaye Gardiner
Cancer-associated fibroblasts in pancreatic cancer

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Lam-Kiu Fong
Membrane protein function in Alzheimer's disease

Christina M. Fitzsimmons
How RNA modifications influence gene expression in disease

Wenwen Fang
RNA-mediated gene regulation
Whitehead Institute

Rocio Espada
Directed evolution of enzymes and next generation sequencing

Clarissa Durie
Visualizing bacterial secretion systems

U. Michigan

Gabrijela Dumbovic
Non-coding genome in health and disease


Anne Draelos
Real-time analysis and stimulation of neuronal populations

Duke University

Xintong Dong
Defensins and Mrgprs in skin immunity and itch

Johns Hopkins

Allison Didychuk
DNA packaging in herpesviruses

UC Berkeley

Jenna Christensen
Intracellular transport in fungi and human cells


Agathe Chaigne
Cell division and cell fate in the mammalian embryo

University College London

Jessie Brown
Single-cell analysis of relapse master regulators in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Columbia University

Maite Sanchez-Aparicio
Host resource exploitation by viruses
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Shikha Singh Chauhan
2', 3'-cyclic nucleotide monophosphates in bacterial signaling and stress response
Penn State University

Monique Smith
Social communication of pain and elucidating the neural circuits of empathy
Stanford University

Yadira Soto-Feliciano
Chromatin adaptors in development and disease
Rockefeller University

Joanna Thomas
Cancer dormancy and biophysics

He Tian

Directed evolution of biosensors for imaging neural activity
Harvard University

Mancy Tong
Innate immune activation during human pregnancy
Yale University SOM

Valerie Tornini

Chromatin modifiers in vertebrate development
Yale University

Christina Towers

Autophagy dependence in cancer cells
CU Anschutz 

Julie Van De Weghe

Translational ciliary biology
U. Washington

Claudia Vásquez

Physics of epithelial lumen stability
Stanford University

Jessica Verpeut

Cerebellar shaping of adult behaviors
Princeton University

Sissy Wamaitha

Human germ cell lineage emergence

Helen Yang

Descending control of walking in Drosophila
Harvard Medical School

Elisa Zhang

Uterine injury and pregnancy disorders
Stanford University