Congratulations to the 2021 Leading Edge Fellows!

2021 Leading Edge Fellows

Rachel Zwick

Epithelial tissue patterning and regeneration

Postdoc, UCSF

Xiaoxue (Snow) Zhou

Signal transmission in the yeast mitotic exit network

Postdoc, MIT

Zara Weinberg

Decoding signaling to understand cellular behavior

Postdoc, UCSF

Lexy von Diezmann

Regulation of DNA repair outcomes in meiosis

Postdoc, University of Utah

Meike van der Heijden 

Neural signals during dynamic cerebellar development

Postdoc, Baylor College of Medicine

Jeannette Tenthorey

Evolution of antiviral defenses

Postdoc, Fred Hutch

Chelsey Spriggs

Host-pathogen interactions during viral entry

Incoming Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Delia Shelton

 Environmental Psychology Innovation Center (EPIC): solving grand challenges in environmental and human health 

Incoming Assistant Professor, U. Miami

Rachel Shahan

Single-cell insights into organ development

Postdoc, Duke University

Mohini Sengupta

Neural circuits for motor control in the spinal cord

Postdoc, Wash U St. Louis

Rebeca San Martin

Microenvironment influence on the 3D genome of prostate cancer

Postdoc, University of Tennessee

Melissa Roth

Regulation and dynamics of photosynthesis and metabolism

Postdoc, UC Berkeley

Aleah Roberts

Molecular mechanisms of non-canonical B Cell Receptor endocytosis

Postdoc, NIH

Deepa Ramamurthy

Neural circuits for attentional selection in sensory cortex

Postdoc, UC Berkeley

Novalia Pishesha

Engineered nanobodies as immune modulators for autoimmunity and infectious diseases

Postdoc, Harvard and MIT

Sarah Pfau

The molecular and cellular bases of blood-brain barrier heterogeneity

Postdoc, Harvard Medical School

Nicole Perry-Hauser

The role of latrophillins in cell signaling and synapse formation

Postdoc, Columbia University

Jasmine Nirody

Adaptive locomotion through complex environments

Postdoc, Rockefeller University and University of Oxford

Andrea Moffitt 

Genomic methods for liquid biopsies in cancer

Postdoc, Cold Spring Harbor

Maria Mikedis

Stem cell regulation during spermatogenesis

Postdoc, Whitehead Institute

Molly Matty

Microbiome influences on animal behavior 

Postdoc, Salk Institute

Romila Mascarenhas 

Vitamin B12 trafficking and disease

Postdoc, University of Michigan

Anne Martin

Identifying how synapse coordination is achieved across a neural circuit

Postdoc, University of Oregon

Maria Maldonado

Structure and function of respiratory complexes and supercomplexes

Postdoc, UC Davis

Prerna Malaney

Role of RNA-binding proteins in cancer

Postdoc, MD Anderson

Theresa Loveless

Synthetic cells that record their own history

Postdoc, UC Irvine

Jennifer Kong

Mechanisms of morphogen sensitivity underlying congenital heart defects

Postdoc, Stanford

Stacey Kigar

Neuroimmunology of stress-induced behavioral changes

Postdoc, University of Cambridge

Tegan Horan

Regulation of crossover formation in meiosis

Postdoc, Cornell University

Shan He

Biogenesis of the eukaryotic CO2 concentrating organelle, the pyrenoid

Postdoc, Princeton University

Kathryn Gunn

Structure and mechanism of lipid metabolizing proteins

Postdoc, University of North Carolina

Lydia Grmai

Sex-biased regulation of steroid hormones in gonad development

Postdoc, University of Pittsburgh

Ana Gonzalez-Reiche

Molecular evolutionary dynamics of virus transmission and host-virus interactions

Postdoc, Mount Sinai

Lisa Eshun-Wilson

Mitochondrial quality control by diverse proteases

Postdoc, Scripps Institute

Julie Elie

The neuroethology of vocal communication in bats and songbirds

Postdoc, UC Berkeley

Andrea d'Aquino

Sustained delivery of GLP-1 receptor agonists for the treatment of diabetes

Postdoc, Stanford

Jeeyun Chung

Spatiotemporal regulation of lipid metabolism

Postdoc, Harvard Medical School

Jenna Christensen

Intracellular transport diversity in fungal and human cells

Postdoc, UC San Diego

Sisi Chen

Probing the multicellular mechanisms of drug response in heterogeneous immune cell populations

Postdoc, Caltech

Caroline Bartman

Developing new methods to measure in vivo tumor metabolism

Postdoc, Princeton University

Arianna Baggiolini

The developmental chromatin programs underlying oncogenic competence in melanoma

Postdoc, Sloan Kettering

Sweta Agrawal

Neural circuits underlying proprioception and motor control

Postdoc, University of Washington

Alice Accorsi

Development and regeneration of complex sensory organs

Postdoc, Stowers Institute

2021 New Faculty Fellows

Genoa Warner

Female reproductive toxicology and endocrine disruption

Assistant Professor, 
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Tina Termini

Hematopoietic stem cell and vascular regeneration

Incoming Assistant Professor, Fred Hutch

Yadira Soto-Feliciano

Transcriptional regulation by chromatin adaptor proteins

Incoming Assistant Professor, MIT Biology and Koch Institute for Cancer Research

Molly Ohainle

Cellular Barriers to HIV Infection

Incoming Assistant Professor, stay tuned!

Megan Martik

Gene regulatory networks in vertebrate development and regeneration

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

Josefina del Mármol

Structural mechanism of olfaction

Incoming Assistant Professor, stay tuned!

Tina Kim

Optical and molecular approaches to studying cortical neural circuits

Assistant Professor, 
UC Davis

Maureen Cetera

Cell coordination during morphogenesis

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Simone Brixius-Anderko

Cytochrome P450 structure/function in human disease

Incoming Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Rebecca Adikes

Cell migration in vivo

Assistant Professor, Siena College

2020 Leading Edge Fellows

Helen Yang

Descending control of walking in Drosophila

Harvard Medical School

Sissy Wamaitha

Human germ cell lineage emergence


Claudia Vásquez

Physics of epithelial lumen stability 

Stanford University

Christina Towers

Autophagy dependence in cancer cells 

Assistant Professor
Salk Institute 

Valerie Tornini

Chromatin modifiers in vertebrate development

Yale University

He Tian

 Directed evolution of biosensors for imaging neural activity

Harvard University

Monique Smith

Social communication of pain and elucidating the neural circuits of empathy

Assistant Professor,
University of San Diego

Naima Sharaf

 Structure and function of the Neisseria meningitidis ABC methionine transporter system

Assistant Professor,
Stanford University

Dorian Rosen

Modulating cellular stress responses to improve outcomes in neurological disorders


Lauren Rajakovich

Human gut microbial metabolism

Incoming Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Cameron Ogg

Neural circuits underlying behavioral flexibility

St. Jude

Elizabeth Lawrence

Microtubule dynamic instability in vitro

Vanderbilt University

Lindsay LaFave

Chromatin state in lung adenocarcinoma

Incoming Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Aga Kendrick

Regulation of microtubule-based cellular transport


Jennifer Kan

Designing and engineering de novo protein functions


Victoria Hung

Ribosome heterogeneity in gene regulation and cell fate

Stanford University

Erin Hisey

Neural circuits underlying learning and forgetting

McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Zoë Hilbert

New modalities in host-microbe evolutionary conflicts

University of Utah

Liz Haynes

Imaging neural development across whole-embryo and single cell scales

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Farah Haque

Microtubule-based regulatory mechanisms underlying signaling

Massachusetts General Hospital

Liangliang Hao

Engineering precision diagnostics for cancer


Mae Guthman

Plasticity of hormone-sensitive neural circuits

Princeton University

Jessica Gray

Single cell insights into evolution and development

Harvard Medical School

Aleena Garner

Neural circuits in memory-sensory interplay

Incoming Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Jaye Gardiner

Cancer-associated fibroblasts in pancreatic cancer

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Lam-Kiu Fong

Membrane protein function in Alzheimer's disease


Clarissa Durie

Visualizing bacterial secretion systems

Incoming Assistant Professor, University of Missouri

Anne Draelos

Real-time analysis and stimulation of neuronal populations

Duke University

Xintong Dong

Defensins and Mrgprs in skin immunity and itch

Johns Hopkins

Allison Didychuk

DNA packaging in herpesviruses

Incoming Assistant Professor,
Yale University

Danfeng Cai

Chromatin organization and transcription regulation

Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Liz Boydston

Specialized organelles for host-parasite interactions

Whitehead Institute

Heike Blockus

Linking synaptic specificity to neuronal circuit function

Senior Scientist
Verge Genomics

Cecilia Blengini

Chromosome segregation during female meiosis in mammals

Rutgers University

N. Sumru Bayin

Neural stem cell diversity and age-dependent regenerative processes in the brain

Incoming Group Leader
Gurdon Institute, Cambridge University

Sarah Ackerman

Neuron-glia dynamics in circuit development, refinement, and behavior

Incoming Assistant Professor,
Washington University School of Medicine