Congratulations to the 2020 Leading Edge Fellows!

2020 Fellows

Helen Yang

Descending control of walking in Drosophila

Sissy Wamaitha

Human germ cell lineage emergence

Claudia Vásquez

Physics of epithelial lumen stability 

Christina Towers

Autophagy dependence in cancer cells 

Valerie Tornini

Chromatin modifiers in vertebrate development

He Tian

Directed evolution of biosensors for imaging neural activity

Monique Smith

Social communication of pain and elucidating the neural circuits of empathy

Naima Sharaf

 Structure and function of the Neisseria meningitidis ABC methionine transporter system

Dorian Rosen

Modulating cellular stress responses to improve outcomes in neurological disorders

Lauren Rajakovich

Human gut microbial metabolism

Cameron Ogg

Neural circuits underlying behavioral flexibility

Elizabeth Lawrence

Microtubule dynamic instability in vitro

Lindsay LaFave

Chromatin state in lung adenocarcinoma

Aga Kendrick

Regulation of microtubule-based cellular transport

Jennifer Kan

Designing and engineering de novo protein functions

Victoria Hung

Ribosome heterogeneity in gene regulation and cell fate

Erin Hisey

Neural circuits underlying learning and forgetting

Zoë Hilbert

New modalities in host-microbe evolutionary conflicts

Liz Haynes

Imaging neural development across whole-embryo and single cell scales

Farah Haque

Microtubule-based regulatory mechanisms underlying signaling

Liangliang Hao

Engineering precision diagnostics for cancer

Mae Guthman

Plasticity of hormone-sensitive neural circuits

Jessica Gray

Single cell insights into evolution and development

Aleena Garner

Neural circuits in memory-sensory int