Join us for the 2020 Virtual Leading Edge Symposium

Tuesdays in August by Zoom

Every Tuesday in the month of August, starting at 9 AM Pacific / noon Eastern

Pre-registration is required. Please follow the link below to register


All times are listed in Pacific Time. 

Presentations are 15 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. An extended Q&A session with 3-4 presenters follows each session.

August 4: Biochemistry and Biophysics

Moderator: Valerie Tornini
9:00: Welcome
9:05: Allison Didychuk - DNA packaging in herpesviruses
9:25: Clarissa Durie - Visualizing bacterial secretion systems
9:45: Naima Sharaf - Structure and function of the Neisseria meningitidis ABC methionine transporter system

10:05-10:20: Break and Extended Q&A

10:20: Lam-Kiu Fong - Molecular determinants of immunoreceptor assembly

10:40: Beth Lawrence - Microtubule dynamic instability in vitro

11:00: He Tian - Directed evolution of biosensors for imaging neural activity

11:20-11:40:  Extended Q&A

August 11: Neuroscience 

Moderator: Mae Guthman
9:00: Aleena Garner - A cortical circuit for audio-visual predictions
9: 20: Erin Hisey - Neural circuits underlying learning and forgetting
9:40 Anne Draelos - Real-time analysis and stimulation of neuronal populations
10:00 Helen Yang - Descending control of walking in Drosophila

10:20-10:40: Break and Extended Q&A

10:40: Heike Blockus - Linking synaptic specificity to neuronal circuit function
11:00: Sarah Ackerman - Astrocytes close a motor circuit critical period
11:20: Cameron Ogg - Neural circuits underlying behavioral flexibility
11:40: Monique Smith - Social communication of pain and elucidating the neural circuits of empathy

12:00-12:20  Extended Q&A

August 18: Hosts and Microbes,  Cell and Developmental Biology

Moderator: Farah Haque
9:00: Liz Boydston - Specialized organelles for host-parasite interactions
9:20: Zoë Hilbert - New modalities in host-microbe evolutionary conflicts
9:40: Lauren Rajakovich - Human gut microbial metabolism
10:00: Xintong Dong - Anti-microbial peptides in skin immunity and itch

10:20-10:40: Break and Extended Q&A

10:40: Cecilia Blengini - Chromosome segregation during female meiosis in mammals
11:00: Aga Kendrick -  Regulation of microtubule-based intracellular transport
11:20: Claudia Vásquez - Physics of epithelial lumen stability 

11:40-12:00: Extended Q&A

August 25: Cancer Biology and Development

Moderator: Sissy Wamaitha
9:00: Lindsay LaFave - Chromatin state in lung adenocaricoma
9:20: Christina Towers - Autophagy dependence in cancer cells
9:40: Liangliang Hao - Engineering precision diagnostics for cancer

10:00 - 10:20 Break and Extended Q&A

10:20: Victoria Hung - Ribosome heterogeneity in gene regulation and cell fate
10:40: N. Sumru Bayin - Neural stem cell diversity and age-dependent regenerative processes in the brain
11:00: Liz Haynes - Imaging neural development across whole embryo and single cell scales
11:20: Jessica Gray - Single cell insights into evolution and development

11:40 - 12:00 Break and Extended Q&A