The 2023 Symposium will occur June 11-14 in-person!

Highlights from the 2022 Symposium

Fellows presented at the virtual 2022 symposium throughout July. 

Recordings and a booklet about the speakers are available below.

2022 Symposium agenda

July 6: Microbiology

Chair: Jeannette Tenthorey
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Noelle Antao

Developing 3D models to characterize a human microsporidian parasite

12:20 | Katherine Xue
Ecology of colonization in the human gut microbiome
12:35 | Leonor Garcia-Bayona
Genetics and ecology of the intestinal Bacteroidales
12:50 | Catherine Denning-Jannace
Understanding the role of copper in the azole drug response of Candida albicans
1:05 | Jenna Christensen
Intracellular transport diversity in fungal and human cells

July 8: Biochemistry and Cancer 1 (metabolism)

Chairs: Maria Maldonado, Simone Brixius-Anderko
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Grace Kenney

Identifying new metalloenzyme families involved in natural product biosynthesis

12:20 | Meghna Gupta
Structural and functional insights into peroxisomal fatty-acid metabolism
12:35 | Tigist Tamir
Defining the role of protein phosphorylation on metabolic enzymes
12:50 |  Christina Fitzsimmons
RNA epitranscriptomics in health and disease

 July 11: Genomics and Developmental Biology 1

Chairs: Theresa Loveless and Sisi Chen
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Rachel Shahan

Single-cell insights into organ development

12:20 | Anusha Shankar
Genes that let cold endotherms exist: animals in torpor
12:35 | Joaquina Delas
Noncoding genome regulation of developmental cell fate choice
12:50 | Sarah Bowling
Lineage tracing in early mouse development
1:05 | Krista Angileri
Transposon control as a checkpoint during regeneration


July 13: Cancer 2

Chair: Lindsay LaFave
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Sarah Naomi Olsen
Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by chromatin complexes
12:20 | Miranda Hunter
Spatial regulation of melanoma invasion
12:35 | Jaye Gardiner
Cancer-associated fibroblasts in pancreatic cancer
12:50 | Rebeca San Martin
Microenvironment influence on the 3D genome of prostate cancer

 July 15: Systems Neuroscience 1

Chairs: Monique Smith, Deepa Ramamurthy
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Chuchu Zhang

Molecular and circuit mechanisms of nausea

12:20 | Xiaotang Lu
Developing new methods and tools for connectomic studies
12:35 | Pragya Goel
Signaling structure for dopamine coding in the vertebrate striatum
12:50 | Adriane Otopalik
Mechanisms of behavioral flexibility and evolution
1:05 | Heather Snell
Elucidating the Mechanism underlying Stress-Induced Motor Dysfunction using a Mouse Model of Episodic Ataxia Type 2

July 18: Systems Neuroscience 2

Chair: Meike van der Heiden
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Simón(e) Sun

Neurophysiological modulation by (re)organizational estrogenic gene regulation

12:20 | Stacey Kigar
Developmental imprinting of stress on the mind and body
12:35 | Eartha Mae Guthman
Plasticity of hormone-sensitive neural circuits
12:50 | Tahra Eissa
Neural and cognitive mechanisms of adaptive decision-making
1:05 | Laura Desban
Role of microbiota in olfactory-driven social behaviors

July 20: Immunology

Chair: Xintong Dong
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Christine Vazquez
Central nervous system immune evasion strategies of emerging viruses
12:20 | Jessica Stark
Engineering (Glyco)immunology
12:35 | Chinyere Iweka
Circadian regulation of immune cell metabolism
12:50 | Shira Weingarten-Gabbay
Viral non-canonical ORFs as a hidden source for T cell epitopes

July 22: Systems Neuroscience 3

Chair: Mohini Sengupta and Julie Elie
12:00 | Welcome 

12:20 | Anna Vlasits
Circuit function and diversity in the mammalian retina
12:35 | Supraja Varadarajan
Role of postsynaptic target activity in visual circuit regeneration
12:50 | Elise Savier
Contribution of the secondary visual pathway to vision
1:05 | Rose Hill
Mechanotransduction in unexpected places

July 25: Cell Biology

Chairs: Claudia Vásquez and Zara Weinberg
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Mónica Quiñones-Frías

Structural dynamics of neuronal endoplasmic reticulum and its contacts

12:20 | Lisa-Marie Nisbett
Exploring the functional relationship between outer membrane
biogenesis and lipid export pathways in mycobacteria
12:35 | Aga Kendrick
Regulation of microtubule-based cellular transport
12:50 | Priyanka Joshi
Mechanisms of biochemical homeostasis in aging and age-related diseases
1:05 | Jessica Kelliher
Host-pathogen interactions in the cytosol


July 27: Evolutionary Biology

Chairs: Jasmine Nirody and Alice Accorsi
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Glennis Logsdon

The sequence, structure, and evolution of human centromeres

12:20 | Lisa Kursel
Molecular evolution of meiotic proteins
12:35 | Zoë Hilbert
New modalities in host-microbe evolutionary conflicts
12:50 | Emily Hager
Coordination of cell behavior in complex environments
1:05 | Clarissa Whitmire (rescheduled from July 22)

Somatosensory neural coding

July 29: Developmental Biology 2

Chairs: Sumru Bayin and Jenn Kong
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Valerie Tornini

Chromatin modifiers in vertebrate development

12:20 | Natalia Shylo
Evolution of developmental mechanisms in reptiles and mammals
12:35 | Elle Roberson
Molecular genetic mechanisms of adult uterine remodeling
12:50 | Connie Phong
Mechanisms underlying robustness of developmental regulatory systems against environmental perturbations
1:05 | Berfin Azizoğlu
Vascularization in organ development and regeneration