2021 Virtual Leading Edge Symposium

The 2021 Symposium begins with our kickoff event May 17th-19th. All Leading Edge applicants are welcome.

Fellows will present every Tuesday and Thursday in June from noon -1:45 pm ET. 

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Fellow Presentations

All times in Eastern Time. Presentations are 15 minutes with 5 minutes of questions.

June 1: Viruses

Chair: Allison Didychuk
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Chelsey Spriggs  

Nuclear Entry of DNA tumor viruses

12:25 | Jeannette Tenthorey  
Evolutionary landscapes of host-virus arms races
12:45 | Ana Gonzalez-Reiche  
The genetic landscape of SARS-CoV-2 in New York City
1:05 | Alexandria Miller  
Structure and function of a SARS-CoV-2 accessory protein   

June 3: Biochemistry

Chairs: Lam-Kiu Fong and Clarissa Durie
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Lisa Eshun-Wilson
Uncovering the molecular principles that govern the decision-making process of the multi-modal inner mitochondrial membrane AAA+ protease YME1L
12:25 | Shan He
The structural basis of Rubisco phase separation in the pyrenoid.
12:45 | Maria Maldonado
Structures of plant respiratory complexes, and their functional implications
1:05 | Melissa Roth
Dynamics and regulation of photosynthesis and metabolism
1:25 | Romila Masacarenhas
Vitamin B12 trafficking and disease 
1:45 | Kathryn Gunn 
Stable Vesicular Storage of Metabolic Enzymes by Helical Oligomerization

 June 8: Immunology and therapeutics 

Chairs: Xintong Dong and Lindsay LaFave
12:00 | Welcome   
12:05 | Sisi Chen
Probing the multicellular mechanisms of drug response in heterogeneous immune cell populations
12:25 | Novalia Pishesha
Engineering the modularity of alpaca-derived nanobody that targets Class II MHC to evoke antigen-specific immune tolerance
12:45 | Aleah Roberts
Structurally distinct endocytic pathways for B cell receptors in B lymphocytes
1:05 | Andrea d’Aquino 
Sustained delivery of GLP-1 receptor agonists for the treatment of diabetes

June 10: Developmental Biology 1

Chair: Sumru Bayin
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Rachel Zwick
Regional control of nutrient metabolism in the small intestine
12:25 | Sarah Pfau
The molecular and cellular bases of blood-brain barrier heterogeneity
12:45 | Jennifer Kong
Modulating sensitivity to morphogens
1:05 | Zara Weinberg
Identifying diverse roles of convergent signaling pathways in development and tissue-specific cellular behaviors
1:25 | Theresa Loveless
Ordered DNA writing enables lineage tracing and analog recording in mammalian cells  

June 15: Developmental Biology 2

Chair: Claudia Vásquez
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Sissy Wamaitha
Investigating human germ cell lineage emergence
12:25 | Lydia Grmai
Steroid hormone signaling controls sexual differentiation in Drosophila gonads
12:45 | Tegan Horan
FANCJ (BRIP1) and SLX4 (FANCP) regulate crossover formation during mouse gametogenesis
1:05 | Alice Accorsi
Pomacea canaliculata: a new research organism to study complex camera-type eye regeneration
1:25 | Rachel Shahan 
A single cell Arabidopsis root atlas reveals developmental trajectories in wild type and cell identity mutants  

June 17: Cell Biology

Chairs: Aga Kendrick and Liz Boydston
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Jeeyun Chung
Spatiotemporal organization of lipid metabolism
12:25 | Jenna Christensen
 Intracellular transport diversity in fungal and human cells
12:45 | Farah Haque
Microtubule-based regulatory mechanisms underlying signaling
1:05 | Xiaoxue (Snow) Zhou
Cross-compartment signal propagation in the yeast Hippo pathway
1:25 | Lexy von Diezmann
Compartmentalized signaling within a liquid crystal regulates meiotic DNA repair

June 22: Neuroscience 1

Chair: Mae Guthman
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Julie Elie
The neural basis for vocal communication
12:25 | Stacey Kigar
Neutrophil-mediated effects at the blood brain barrier following chronic stress.
12:45 | Molly Matty
Microbiome influences on animal behavior
1:05 | Deepa Ramamurthy
Studying the neurobiological basis of attentional selection in the mouse whisker system
1:25 | Delia Shelton 
Environmental Psychology Innovation Center (EPIC): solving grand challenges in environmental and human health  

June 24: Neuroscience 2

Chair: Sarah Ackerman
12:00 | Welcome
12:05 | Sweta Agrawal
Context-dependent neural processing of leg proprioception in Drosophila
12:25 | Anne Martin
Molecular mechanisms of synapse coordination
12:45 | Nicole Perry-Hauser
Linking adhesive trans-synaptic interactions at synapses to intracellular signaling
1:05 | Mohini Sengupta
Spinal V1 neurons inhibit motor targets locally and sensory targets distally to coordinate locomotion
1:25 | Meike van der Heijden 
Maturation of Purkinje Cell Firing Properties Relies on Neurogenesis of Granule Cells   

June 29: Cancer Biology

Chair: Lindsay LaFave 
12:00 | Welcome | 
 12:05 | Prerna Malaney
Understanding the mechanisms and developing novel therapies for high risk lymphomas
12:25 | Rebeca San Martin
The interplay between the reactive microenvironment and the 3D genome structure of prostate cancer
12:45 | Arianna Baggiolini
Developmental chromatin programs determine oncogenic competence in melanoma
1:05 | Caroline Bartman
Kinetic isotope infusion reveals Warburg metabolism in tumors in vivo
1:25 | Andrea Moffitt 
Measuring treatment response and residual disease in cancer with personalized, sensitive, and quantitative genomic methods